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In 1992 I founded Beginning Dreams Forever. This business evolves around the various arts I produce and the Artist-in-Education programs I've developed for preschoolers through college level students. It is my intention to continue sharing my art and sharing art experiences.

By sharing art experiences I hope to help someone to begin their dream. Dreams are the innovations in all fields of study. It is the journey of art that teaches us to visually communicate our dreams and to understand that dreams can be reality. The students academic knowledge is applied to the guideline of the art process. Each art experience becomes education as does all of life's experiences.

As an artist working with students, I may be the initiator in sharing, but in actuality everyone is sharing and creating together during a program. Everyone's input is unique to the project. Creating is a very special experience where everyone learns and enjoys the satisfaction of working with their hands, heart and mind. When working with students, each day is new. I share what I know, how I think and how I express what I know, think and feel. In return, the students share what they know, what they've learned and their personal way of expressing their mind and heart. The way a person interprets another person's visual communication is as varied as each individuals expressive quality inherent in their own art work. An art process can be taught. An art process has guidelines but not rules. Knowledge is applied in art. A sincere approach, a respect for the imagination and a dare to explore and challenge the guidelines of the art process enhances the atmosphere of the program and the rewards felt by myself and participants.

For me, art has no meaning until it is shared. Creating art can be a very personal journey yet life is all about sharing and helping one another. When I am making art, I think of what I want to express and how I want to inspire the viewer. When I am sharing an art process, I hope to inspire the student's self respect, social respect and their freedom to explore responsibly. Life is very precious to me and it is my belief that being honest with oneself and sincere in ones heart will always create an art with life. This is my spiraling dream.

Marina Lee
833 East Burleigh
Milwaukee, WI 53212-2210

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