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Marina Lee Sculpture

Magic of a Wood Nymph
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Description: This bench was sponsored by the Friends of Boerner Botanical Gardens, Milwaukee. The butterfly has always represented transformation, a sort of new beginning. The Wood Nymph also has a fairy tale goddess sharing its name who represents tender loving care, kindness and understanding. So many directions of thought can be developed from this particular species.

A Winged Seat
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Description: I have also taken the liberty to present his stance on a leaf showing off his body to let the children understand that there is a live creature attached to the beautiful butterfly wings. The seat is created by drooping his lower wing to enhance the magic and freedom of flight when children and adults sit to rest and dream.

The Common Wodd Nymph
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Description: The Wood Nymph likes to hide in the shade, yet it is very common and many related species can be found all around the world. His wings have eyes and his color is earth tones. I have taken the liberty to add sunshine to his colors to help accent his marking.

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